To order our products, please complete the contact form.  Once we receive your request, we will call you to complete the ordering process. 

Use the charts below to learn where specific cuts come from. 

Below are forms that will provide us with your instructions for custom cutting your meat packages.  Please refer to the links above to help you identify the cuts of meat you can request from each carcass.  Please understand you have to choose the cut from the section you want.  Please note that you cannot receive every cut from every section.  For example, you can have Strip, Delmonico, and Filet Mignon steaks OR you can have T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks but you can not have T-Bone and strip steaks (A T-Bone steak includes the strip and the Filet Mignon.  In other words, those cuts come from the same section on the carcass as referenced on the Beef Cut Chart above).

Pork Cutting Form (print and fill out after you are instructed by Horstmann Hills Farm)

When you call, be prepared to indicate which cuts, thickness, package size, and whether you would like the organ meats.