We quickly realized that we could NOT eat beef every night and we began to wonder how other meats would taste if we used our beef growing techniques and principals with other species. We added pork, chicken, and sheep to our farm and thus to our own diets.  We utilize locally grown and custom mixed natural grains to feed all of our animals in addition to the grass and hay that we grow ourselves.  We offer these animals as well.  While we realize that we are unable to provide large quantities of meat for sale, we have affiliated ourselves with some other small producers in our area that raise animals "naturally" and with similar techniques and goals as we practice. We define this to mean without artificial supplements or hormones.  We are proud of our relationship with these other producers and our ability to offer you their products as well. The additional animals and farms that we presently work with are mentioned below.

Our Five Acre HomesteadChickens/Turkeys/Goats & Goat Products- We have met a lot of great people during our brief history and life on the farm. In 2010 we met Michele Sutton (now Michele Kline) and her husband "Bubba". We are proud and happy to have developed a relationship with their "Five Acre Homestead". They have taught us how to do more with less and have always been available when we need an extra set of hands. Whether its putting up hay, doing a farm project or just to be available for an opinion they have always made themselves available. We enjoy the goat soap, feta cheese, chicken, or turkey that they share and can supply for you.  Learn more about their farm by clicking the link above.


We have a small (but growing) flock of Merino/Dorsett sheep.  We expect our first lambs to be born in February.  They will be available for sale after May as freezer lambs.


We have produced pork since our first summer on the farm. Our daughters fell in love with the first 2 piglets that we bought but we quickly explained the "facts of life" to them when we named them "pork chop" & "bacon". Much like the beef that we raised we were astonished at the difference in the taste and texture of the meat.  When compared to what we had become accustomed to purchasing from commercial grocery stores or butcher shops, we found our pork more flavorful and leaner. We purchase our piglets locally from small family farms and feed them a local custom grain mix with hay grown and harvested on our farm. We believe in a good life for our animals, minimizing stress in our environment. When demands for our pork exceeds what we can produce ourselves we rely on our next door neighbor who also grows pork. Read about Austin Blinn Pork Sales on Facebook.  You can also purchase his products through us.  We share a common supply of locally grown feed and have similar growing facilities & practices. We are certain that you will be hard pressed to differentiate the pork grown from these two farms!!

About processing

All animals are processed at one of a small handful of local USDA Inspected  custom slaughter houses. We have provided a sample custom cutting sheet that is designed to match your requirements and needs. We are certain that by using this approach we can maximize your satisfaction. Our meat is grown, processed, handled, and package properly to exceed your expectations. We have our own walk in freezer as well as multiple smaller freezers to maintain your order while we coordinate delivery, a key element in our attention to detail.

How much meat will I get?

We understand that it is difficult to "imagine" how much meat comes with a half or quarter of beef or a whole pig.   Meat weight is calculated during the processing phase.  There is approximately 35% weight loss in the first part of processing.  In beef and lamb, it will account for an average loss of slightly less than half the original live weight of the animal.  In pork, the average is about one-quarter of live weight.

Example:  If your beef weighs 1,100 lbs. live, it will most likely weigh 638 - 715 lbs. when "dressed".  This is 58% - 65% of the live weight.

Custom Cutting:  is the cutting of the "dressed" or carcass meat into ready-to-cook portions.  Processing accounts for another loss in weight as excess fat and bones are trimmed away.  Not only does trimming make meat more appetizing, it also reduces required freezer space and often eliminates further preparation in the kitchen.  The more fat and bones removed for convenience, the greater the decrease in pounds.  The fatter the carcass, the lower the final weight of the table-ready cuts will be.

Example:  If your pork carcass weighs 185 lbs., expect approximately 111 - 139 lbs. of closely trimmed, mostly boneless eating meat after processing.  This is 60% - 75% of the dressed weight.The whole carcass is weighed before being cut to your custom specifications.  

When you purchase a quarter beef, you will generally receive a box (weighing roughly) of 

vacuum sealed cuts. Beef quarters usually producing 150 lbs of beef. This requires that the consumer has a way to store this quantity of meat usually with a large stand alone freezer. For this reason we offer "quality packs" of smaller quantities of beef or pork. If you are interested we can provide the pricing for this option.  Pricing can be provided for any of the products  we produce from our own herds of these animals or that we have access to through our affiliation with these farmer friends.