Grass Fed Beef

The first few decisions facing any beef producer is what breed would you like to raise and how do you want to raise them. The HOW was an easy decision for us. As part of our commitment to sustainable practices for our  farm and to our pursuit of quality the decision on how to raise our beef animals was easy. We feel that the best, least stressful and most practical way to raise natural flavorful beef is by utilizing grass fed principles. Grass fed beef has been found to be a better, tastier and healthier product.  Although it takes longer to grow an animal to maturity in a grass fed environment this style eliminates animal stress, the use of antibiotics and growth hormones and large amounts of commercially raised grains. 

Grass fed beef has been found to be lower in fat content and have fewer calories. These are important elements in promoting a healthier diet. In addition grass fed beef has been shown to be higher in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These acids help promote a healthier heart and reduce the risks associated with obesity, arthritis, allergies, and insulin resistance. Grass fed 
beef is also higher in Beta carotene which has been shown to be helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases   and the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that grass fed beef has 3 to 5 times MORE vitamin E then commercially produced beef again promoting a healthier diet.  Finally grass fed beef products have a lower risk of problems with E-Coli.

For all of these reasons we chose to utilize grass pasture and home made and harvested Hay and haylage for the majority of our animals nutritional requirements

The next big question is the breed selection when raising beef animals. We chose Angus beef cattle because after our research, we determined that the Angus breed is recognized for its quality. Part of this is because these animals are known to be able to carry fat in their muscling. This is known as marbling and is what gives good beef its undeniable taste. Angus animals also have been bred to allow for maximum conversion of feed to weight gain.  We find them to be majestic animals.    

In our first year of production we were able to purchase 8 commercial grade Angus brood cows each of which had a calf with it. The next year we purchased 10 more commercial grade animals. Commercial grade animals are undoubtedly Angus BUT are NOT registered. As our herd has continued to grow we add genetic diversity with the use of  quality registered Angus bulls. We purchase and rotate bulls every few years to keep our herd growing and adding diversity.  We now have a closed herd.  We don't purchase cows from an unproven herd.  We purchase animals from farms that practice the same principles as we do and who participate in the same type of approved quality assurance programs and testing that we do. We are NYSCHAP Certified and have completed the Beef Quality Assurance Program. The principles in these programs promote high quality animals through the sustainable practices that we believe in.

As beef producers we pay close attention to stories of meat recalls, the harmful effects of utilizing hormones to promote growth, and the harsh, stressful practices seen on some fed lots.  While these were some of the driving forces for us to get started, we are truly proud of the way we raise our animals, the manner in which we raise them, and the production of a high quality product that we put our name on. 

If you are interested in purchasing USDA inspected, vacuum sealed, custom-cut, all natural beef, please email us at  Refer to Beef Made Easy when selecting your meat options. 

Beef can be purchased in many ways. It is sold in quarters, halves or as a hole cow cut to your specifications to meet family needs. If a quarter or half is purchased we mix all of the cuts found in a half. We do NOT sell the front or back half unless requested. By providing custom cutting directions to our USDA approved slaughter house your need s can be met. Custom packages can also be organized at your request. We understand that the commitment for a half of a cow normally requires a large freezer as you will receive approximately 250-300 lbs of beef. Pricing Varies on cutting,wrapping and size decisions. A normal half that is vacuum wrapped averages $6.00/lb. Delivery can also be organized.